About us

Moja manufactures and sells tennis and paddle clothing for women. We are especially proud of our Smart ball tights with the best ball pockets. Available in all lengths, with or without skirt.

Accurate design gives a "perfect fit" and in combination with a classic color choice, it is easy to get caught up in Moja. Stylish, comfortable and smart training and match clothes in top quality that keep the style season after season.

Manufactured in Sweden and in our neighboring countries for sustainable environmental thinking.


We have our office and warehouse in Gothenburg / Kungsbacka, Sweden. 

You are always welcome to contact us:

Kristina Svensson
Phone: +46 706 615125
E-mail: kristina[at]mojatennis.com

Eva Hammarsten Brywe
Phone: +46 707 163291
E-mail: eva[at]mojatennis.com